What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic method of physical yoga, that originates in Mysore India.


Ashtanga Beginners Course (6 weeks)

This once-a-week class introduces you to the Ashtanga system as taught in Mysore India. This flowing form of movement which matches the breath to a set series of postures to create heat, strength, stability and flexibility in the body. Eventually this sequence is practiced at your own pace with the teacher helping each person individually – this is called ‘Mysore style’. It becomes a practice which purifies body and mind, approached in a manner in which we devote our attention to being present on our mat wiht our breath.

This Ashtanga Yoga covers the dynamic sun salutes, standing and seated postures, inverted postures, core muscular locks (bandhas) and active breathing (ujjayi).

A good way to begin practicing Ashtanga yoga particularly as a prelude to Ashtanga Led classes.

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