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The Yoga Space holds regular yoga workshops presented by experienced yoga teachers who are all experts in their respective fields.

Yoga workshops are a wonderful way to get more out of your practice, by deepening your understanding of the philosophies and techniques that comprise your yoga practice.

New Moon Renewal: Radical Rest for Women

December 8th 4-6:30pm

All levels welcome.
Limited spaces.
Price: $45

Dear Sister,

You are warmly invited to join Kate for a 2.5 hour nurturing, restorative yoga immersion. This mini-retreat is your invitation to take a sacred pause and prioritise you and your wellbeing as we approach the holiday season ahead.

It is a wonderful time of year as we will soon be celebrating the gift of giving. A time of year where we often find ourselves expanding our outward service to our family, friends, work and community. Taking time to slow down amid this fullness of life is essential in ensuring that our outward service to others does not become a source of depletion to ourselves. To keep on giving our gifts, it is essential we take time to receive.

Taking place near the new moon, this is a potent time to tune in with nature’s cycle; as the moon wanes to its darkest phase and planetary energy dips we are reminded of our need to recharge and take conscious rest. As we gift ourselves this time to deepen into inward stillness and create space within, it is a powerful time to harness this part of the lunar cycle, reflecting on what we may be ready to let go of and becoming aware of new yearnings and ideas we may be wishing to make manifest.

Our afternoon together will take us through an opening circle & guided meditation to allow you time and space to arrive and to set an intention for your practice. We will then move through a gentle and nurturing restorative yoga sequence designed to relax, open and recharge the body. We follow with a guided yoga nidra to further deepen into states of mental calm and clarity. Our afternoon of deep rest will conclude with a closing circle to allow you time to inwardly reflect and we will share nourishing tea and snacks together.

This afternoon of restorative yoga is your permission to rest and to take a breath away from the doing, to come back to yourself and marinate in the simplicity and beauty of being. We look forward to sharing this deeply nurturing practice with you.

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Journey to Pigeon

Saturday Dec 15th 3:30-5:30pm

There are numerous variations of King Pigeon posture – and they often seem VERY unacheivable! In this workshops allow Jean to bring you on a journey towards finding the strength and opening required to practice these postures safely. Begin with discussion, preparation, flow and working with props to refine your attempts.

Bookings essential as class size is kept small for Jean’s workshops to ensure personal attention.

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