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The Yoga Space holds regular workshops presented by experienced yoga teachers who are all experts in their respective fields.

Workshops are a wonderful way to get more out of your practice, by deepening your understanding of the philosophies and techniques that comprise your yoga practice.

Embodying Archetypes

May 14 1-3pm $45 Carine

Have you ever wondered about the role of deities, natural elements and mythology in modern asana practice? Drawing from Vedic wisdom and storytelling, in this two hour workshop we will playfully explore the ways that asana and bhavana (ideation) form mudras that can build or soften aspects of our character, and connect us with our own nature through archetypal patterning. Have fun as you explore gentle movement with visualisation, finding space within where a poetic opening to personal meaning may be possible. Open to all, this creative, light-hearted experience is guided by senior yoga teacher and certified international yoga therapist Chandrika Gibson.

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Ashtanga Yoga Workshop *Waitlist ONLY*

Saturday May 13th 3-5pm $50 West Perth
Join Authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher Jean Byrne PhD in this 2 hour workshop to learn how to deepen your Ashtanga practice, physically and mentally. Learn how to find stability and strength in asana, apply drishti to cultivate steadiness of mind and how to prevent and work with injury. Learn how the Ashtanga Yoga practice helps us life form a space of love, rather than fear. Have time to ask questions about your practice.
ALL levels of practitioners welcome. This is also a helpful workshop for Vinyasa students and teachers who wish to refine their practice. Spaces limited, Jean rarely teaches Ashtanga workshops, so book early.
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Happy Hormones with Chandrika Gibson

May 20 1-4pm $45 Maylands

Your yoga practice can often illuminate the ebbs and flows of hormones and their effects. Have you ever wondered about how yoga impacts the endocrine (hormonal) system? This workshop covers both western and eastern anatomy and physiology, blending current scientific knowledge with the wisdom tradition of yoga, to help you use your yoga to support hormonal wellbeing. Whether managing stress, menstrual cycles, polycystic ovaries, fertility, menopause or puberty blues, yoga is a wonderful supportive care activity for happy healthy hormones.

Your facilitator Chandrika Gibson is an experienced naturopath, yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist with a wealth of knowledge, kindness and generosity in sharing skillful, practical ways to enhance wellness.

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Anxiety Support

May 28 1-3pm $45 West Perth

Anxiety can be difficult to live with. Yoga and mindfulness can be helpful tools in increasing our resilience and ability to be with the difficult sensations that anxiety can create.

This workshop is for those of us who live with anxiety or care for someone with anxiety and would like some tips about making positive choices to support recovery.

We will briefly look at the way we respond to anxiety & will delve into practices which provide support for increasing our own ‘window of tolerance’. You will leave equipped with practices to immediately integrate into your self-care approach.

Suitable for all.

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Yoga for Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back with Laila Kirkpatrick

June 18 1-3.30pm $40 Maylands

Tightness and tension in our neck, shoulders and upper back is now all too common, as we spend increasingly more time hunched over computers, screen and phones whilst slouched at our desks.
In this workshop, Laila will guide you through many different ways to release this tension and tightness, bringing more freedom and space to your neck, shoulders and upper back.

The majority of the workshop will comprise of a gentle, fluid vinyasa practice, as will as longer held restorative postures to encourage deep release and opening. The latter part of the workshop will consist of simple, practical movements that you can do both at home and in the office to counteract the effects of working long hours at a computer. Stress is undeniably a major factor in contributing to tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back, so we will conclude the workshop with simple relaxation methods that can easily be practised anywhere.

This workshop is suitable for all levels, and complete beginners are very welcome.

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Chant and Be Happy - FREE Community Event *FULL*

Saturday April 29 3-4pm West Perth

Chant and Be Happy with Jean Byrne PhD
Join us for this community event at Yoga Space West Perth. Join Jean and learn how to chant the yogic peace mantras. Beginning and ending with pranayama and meditation, this is a wonderful opportunity to discover yoga beyond the asana.

Chanting is a form of meditation in itself, which regulates the breathing, and quietens the mind.

All welcome. No cost. Numbers Limited.

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Happy Hips Workshop - West Perth

Sunday June 18th 1:30-3:30pm

Do you struggle with Lotus, Half Lotus or Leg behind the head postures? This two hour workshop is to get your hips healthy and happy! As people who have had long term structural issues with their knees (bad family histories and non yoga injuries) we have spent a lot of time developing our own home routine for happy hips. This was a necessity as I (Jean) have had knee surgery and Rob has (pre yoga) dislocated his knees twice each side! So we love to take some time to do a happy hips practice to help prevent knee issues. Part restorative, part yin and partly using props to help us out.

From this workshop you can take home ideas to get your own hips happy and keep your knees healthy! A practical workshop for all levels of students.


Taught by Stephen Byrne

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Yin Yoga Meridien Series

July 8th 3-5pm - West Perth $45

Tired? Lethargic? Busy? Join Amy Cleghorn for a dedicated Yin series that works on the Liver & Kidney Meridien system. In Yin Yoga the Liver & Kidney meridiens are thought to be essential to our energy levels. This class is designed to make you feel revitalised and to connect with a depth of stillness in your practice.

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Deep Rest Weekend Retreat - Perth

Oct 6- 8

Join Jean Byrne + Amy Cleghorn for a weekend to rest deeply.

*Option for day retreat on the Saturday 9-6:30pm*


This retreat is intended to support you to live your life fully, but with energy for what matters most to you. Too often we keep on pushing ourselves in life, always busy, until at some point our body tells us to stop. If you have found yourself in this space, sick often, with adrenal fatigue, tired, low on energy – then this retreat is for you. If you are glorifying busy, but in your heart know your current path is not sustainable, then be sure to take this weekend to reset and move forwards connected to your breath.


This weekend retreat is for anyone who wishes to take the time to slow down, to breathe, be present, eat nourishing food and sink into practice. Sessions will be dedicated to yin yoga, gentle slow flow vinyasa, restorative


Held at the serene and rustic Sivananda Ashram in Beaconsfield. Just 20 minutes from Perth city this ashram attracts visitors devoted to spiritual life.


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