The Yoga Space Workshops

The Yoga Space holds regular workshops presented by experienced yoga teachers who are all experts in their respective fields.

Workshops are a wonderful way to get more out of your practice, by deepening your understanding of the philosophies and techniques that comprise your yoga practice.

Sangha: Community Event

Fri March 16th 6:35-8:30pm

Join together as a sangha. Sangha means community, and can be central to our sadhana (spiritual practice). Join us for the first sangha which will include meditation, pranayama a cake + tea break and time for dialogue and inquiry.

First SANGHA is with Jean + Rob, the next is with some amazing guest presenters exploring Innovation & Tradition in Yoga.

Get a yoga date and join us – pot luck sweets if you have time. If you like there will be a ton for a good coin donation to charity.

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Autumn Equinox: Soften & Surrender

Sunday 18 March 2018: 12.30 - 3.00pm - Carine

We warmly invite you to join us for an afternoon of nurturing, restorative yoga as we welcome in the turn of season around the Autumn Equinox.

As the fullness and bounty of Summer begin to fade, the seasonal transition into Autumn is an opportunity for us to honour nature’s deep energetic shift away from the outward energy flow of Spring and Summer towards the inward pull and reflective gaze of Autumn & Winter.

As the onset of the cooler days and continuing diminishing light signals to much of the plant life to begin to surrender their foliage, fruit and flower blooms…we too can reflect on this deep wisdom of nature, exploring the practice of surrender within ourselves. During the afternoon’s sacred pause, we will retreat into a sanctuary of physical and mental quietening, gifting us space and time to contemplate the grace of the autumn cycle; the letting go.

This 2.5 hour restorative immersion will include an Autumn-inspired meditation, a restorative yoga sequence and a closing Yoga Nidra to further deepen into stillness and relaxation. Gentle yoga postures are supported and tailored using bolsters, blankets and props to facilitate a gentle opening of the body and quietening of the mind. The slower movements and extended postures (up to 10 minutes) create space for an arising awareness of the body, breath and internal landscape.

After our practice there will be a chance to connect and chat together over a cup of chai. We look forward to celebrating this auspicious time with you.

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Lotus Flow with Lara

Saturday, 24th March , 2 - 4 pm, Maylands

Join Lara for an afternoon of enjoying mythology, mantra, movement, breath and meditation to weave a rich tapestry of Yoga Healing. Lara teaches Lotus Flow (from Laughing Lotus Yoga School, New York City) which is an uplifting and soulful vinyasa practice, steeped in the Yoga traditions and spiced with music to enhance inspiration. The practice encourages you to “move like yourself”, strengthening connection and unification with yourself. Come and be a part of this beautiful fabric!

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Sangha April

Friday, 27th April

We are so excited for our next SANGHA event! Bringing together Moksha and Puja from Yoga Om, Kaye from Vital Beat Yoga and Chandrika from Surya Health-Yoga, Integrative Oncology & Wellness we will be talking about INNOVATION + TRADITION.

It is sure to be a wonderful dialogue getting to the heart of why we practice. Please feel free to join us from 6:35pm-8:35pm, bringing a veggie pot luck dish if you have time, but join us regardless as we will have snacks. We begin with pranayama and meditation led by Jean.

This is a FREE event. Gold coin donation for charity.

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See upcoming workshops and book through the MindBody link below.

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