Five Reasons for Women to Practice Yoga

There are so many reasons that yoga is a wonderful practice. When taught correctly yoga is for everybody, men, women, young, old, well or sick. Yoga has something to offer across the lifecyle and can help us enjoy the journey of life with all its ups and downs. Women especially seem to love yoga! While I think yoga is equally for men, here are some ideas why women might find it so helpful:

Five reasons for women of all ages to practice yoga

1) Become embodied! Find the connection between your body and your breath your mind and your heart. Learn to love your body, enjoy the skin you are in and become less critical of how you look and focus on how you feel. Research posits a relationship between practicing yoga as an embodied, spiritual practice and improved body satisfaction.

2) Less pain! Women worldwide (and men) experience chronic and persistent pain in increasing numbers – it is a modern day health crisis. Research shows that yoga can be a wonderful for alleviating back pain !

3) Time alone. Women often are quite connected to others and often find themselves in a role of caring or nurturing: children, ageing parents, or in a service orientated career. Taking time to be alone can become one of life’s great delights and allow us as women to know ourselves beyond our roles as wife, mother, daughter or carer.

4) Menopause Support. As our body changes and we experience the rhythms of life, yoga can help. Research shows in post menopausal women yoga could indeed help improve quality of life and assist with insomnia.

5) Yoga can help with the balancing act! Women often have a lot on their plate, juggling many responsibilities and roles. Over time it is easy to feel overextended and exhausted. Yoga works on the nervous, endocrine and muscoskeletal system which are all impacted by stress. Also psychological, yoga can improve our mood and help us cope better with all our demands!

A yoga practice doesn’t need to be extensive, it could simply be fifteen minutes a few days a week to feel, breathe, stretch and enjoy your body before continuing with your day.

If you are not sure where to start, try our Gentle Yoga class for a flowing practice, or Freedom Fridays our weekly restorative yoga session.

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