Yin Yoga Teacher Training November 2018

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Yin Yoga is a quiet and meditative practice that focuses on long holds in passive postures. As a style of practice it has become increasingly popular and a wonderful alternative to dynamic (yang) forms of yoga. Our Yin training is delivered by Yin Yoga teacher Stephen Byrne who in addition to studying Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley and Victor Chng is a third year student of Physiotherapy at Curtin University and dedicated student of Ashtanga Yoga Master Sharath Jois. He has an extraordinary ability to communicate the anatomy of Yin to Yoga teachers in a meaningful way. Currently we offer two training modules:

* Module One: Yin Yoga Foundations

* Module Two: Meridian Series & Yin/ Yang Practice

Both trainings are held in Perth. Each Module is held over two partial weekends. Our next training dates are:

Module One Yin Yoga Foundations:

Friday November 9th  6:45pm-9:45pm

Sunday November 11th 9am-2:30pm

Friday November 16th 6:45pm-9:45pm

Sunday November 18th 9am-2:30pm

Module Two: Yin/Yang:

Friday November 23rd 6:45pm-9:45pm

Sunday November 25th 9am-2:30pm

Friday November 30th 6:45-9:45pm

Sunday December 2nd 9am-2:30pm


Please email stephen@yogaspace.com.au for more information.

Module One: Yin Yoga

Course Overview: Yin Yoga is a passive and quiet practice, which gently stretches the connective tissue of hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine. Different from Yang practices, Yin Yoga places emphasis on relaxing the muscles and holding the postures for longer periods of time to encourage the response of fibrous and tough structures such as the connective tissues. The benefits of this practice include the promotion of deep relaxation, improvement of flexibility and serve as a complement to yang forms of exercise. In addition to that, a Yin class environment prepares the body and encourages the cultivation of a still and meditative state of mind. “It is not muscular strength that gives us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body, it is the flexibility of the joints, of the connective tissue” – Grilley (2002). In this course you will develop a thorough understanding of basic concepts and benefits of Yin Yoga, characteristics of Yin & Yang nature, value of a passive practice, fundamental review of concepts such as elasticity, plasticity, tension and compression. Through the practice and analysis of different yin yoga sequences, which target different areas of the body, the course will provide an understanding of the different yin postures and enable you to design different sequencing structures.

Learning Outcomes:


Attendance and participation Provision of Class Plans Written Assignment on Yin Yoga

Module Two: Meridian Series & Yin / Yang Practice

Course Overview: It is an essential pre-requisite that you have completed module one “Introduction to Yin Yoga Training & Practice (Level 1)” prior to attending module two training. Although many people nowadays are attracted to yoga as a way of increasing levels of fitness and flexibility, few have been exposed to other aspects of the yoga practice. Yin Yoga emphasises the deeper tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lower spine, whereas a yang practice emphasises the muscles and circulatory system leaving one alert and refreshed. Once the body is prepared and energetically balanced through asana practice, the main focus is to achieve steadiness of mind through conscious breath control and meditative awareness. In this course you will develop a deeper understanding of the concepts and benefits of Yin Yoga and be able to design a Yin / Yang class to suit beginners and more advanced practitioners. In addition, you will develop a basic understanding of the energetic meridian and chakra system, practice pranayama and meditation techniques. Learning Outcomes:

Assessment: Attendance and participation Provision of Yin / Yang Class Plans Written assignment on Meridian Series & Yin/ Yang Yoga

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