The Glorification of Busy


Why do we glorify being busy?

Busy, Busy, Busy. Yes life can get BUSY! However at a point we need to stop and ask ourselves – is this the life we want? Life is short and by no means predicatable. We don’t know what will happen today or what tomorrow will bring. It may be an overflowing of joy, it could be a deep river of sadness and grief. What we do have is each breath, each moment. With every breath we have an opportunity – to BE, instead of be BUSY.


Yes it may take some future orientated thinking and some planning. No one is going to make some breathing space for us. It is something we must do for ourselves. Carve out the time, be SELFISH. Because ultimately that time you give to yourself creates a reservoir of energy for you to share with others.


And if life truly is necessarily busy – the care of someone sick, young children, commitments that can’t be undone, then learn how to create some ‘ Breathing Space’ in the madness.


The 3 min Breathing Space is used in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and is a great way to reground into the moment.


STEP 1: Be Aware

What is my experience right now?


STEP 2: Gather & Focus Attention

Follow the flow of the breath, particularly notice the rise and fall of the abdomen.


STEP 3: Expand Your Awareness

Now allow your awareness to extend to the whole of the body, and then to the room you are in. Affirm your presence as calm and centered.



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