Kids & Teens Yoga 10 Week Course

Kids and Teens Yoga help our children find their centre, learning to be mindful and flourish. Our Kids Yoga and Teens Yoga teacher is Lisa Ray, a primary school teacher and educator passionate about providing kids with the skills they need to live life to the fullest. Your first class is FREE! For course start dates and more information, click here. 

Kids Yoga – Tuesdays 4pm

Yoga is a non-competitive form of exercise and therefore gives children the physical benefits of traditional school sports. However this is in a safe and supportive environment which also teaching them valuable skills for relaxation and concentration. In this way, yoga educates the whole child.

Yoga can increase your child’s flexibility, balance, strength and coordination. Consequently this aids healthy childhood development. Children’s Yoga has also been shown to help children with disturbed sleeping patterns, bad posture, lethargy, obesity, asthma, and poor concentration. Above all, Kids Yoga helps kids flourish!

Classes run for approximately 45 minutes. If you would like to join the class you are welcome, however try be an active participant to model enjoyment of the class to your child.

Kids Yoga is held Tuesdays 4pm-4:45pm one a ten week term. Start on the Tuesday at the beginning of term or join us mid course. The course is $170 for 10 weeks, with discounts for siblings. Also your first class is FREE if you have never tried our program before!

Teens Yoga – Mondays 4pm

The adolescent years are a time of tremendous growth and development. Teens experience many physical, mental and emotional changes. They explore and discover themselves and their place within the world. Learning tools that incorporate movement, breath and and mindful awareness can support teens through this transformational. Teens Yoga encourages the development of self awareness, emotional literacy and provides opportunities for active rest and relaxation. Teens Yoga helps teens manage the everyday pressures of life along with physical practices to support growth and physiological development. Teen yoga classes offer tools to develop a personal yoga and mindfulness. But Teens Yoga is also social and give opportunities for social connection within a nurturing, friendly community. Teens Yoga is suitable for every teen!

Teens Yoga is is held Mondays at 4pm, for ages 11-16 (depending on maturity). Start Teens Yoga on the Monday at the beginning of term or join us mid-course. The course is $170 for 10 weeks, with discounts for siblings, your first class is FREE if you have never tried our program before!


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