Next Perth Intensive: Dec 4 – 11, 2021.

Have you ever wanted to be yoga teacher but don’t have the time? Do you feel like you aren’t strong, flexible or young enough to become a yoga teacher? Do you live far from a yoga studio? We designed this yoga teacher training just for you! Our Intensive yoga teacher training is for anybody, of any age or fitness, who loves yoga and wants to gain full 350hr teaching registration. You don’t need to live near a studio because before and after the Intensive we support you with your own online mentor and lots of engagement with your peers to keep your feeling connected. We offer payment plans over 12 months to help make your yoga teacher training accessible. Email for a prospectus.

Frequently asked questions

Am I too old or too young for yoga teacher training?

No! Our yoga teacher trainings are for anybody and everybody who loves yoga and wishes to share yoga.

What if I can’t do any fancy postures?

Yoga isn’t about the postures! We love postures and will teach you how to teach them, but yoga is about living life with awareness, getting on our mat regularly and seeing what unfolds. If you want to dedicate 12 months to your own practice we would love to have you on this yoga training!

What if I have an injury or medical condition?

Great! Well not great for you, but great for your future students! You will learn how to teach and adapt yoga techniques for all life circumstances. This will make you able to teach anyone who shows up to your classes.

What if I am pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant during my training?

We are so excited for you! We are a family friendly training school and often have pregnant or newly post natal women in our yoga teacher training courses.

Do you offer flexible payment plans?

We know it can be hard, so you can spread your yoga training payments over twelve months, this makes training a LOT more accessible and ensures we can enrol a diverse range of trainees. Just propose a plan and we will help you find a payment schedule that meets your budget.

What level of registration will I receive?

This yoga training course is registered at the 350 hour level with Yoga Australia.

Venue – Sivananda Ashram Beaconsfield

(Beacon Yoga Centre)

Beacon Yoga Centre’s rustic and charming accommodation allows you to experience the ashram lifestyle and a sangha (community) of fellow practitioners. The centre is 3km from Fremantle and South Beach.You can stay onsite with twin + single accommodation available, or stay offsite at one of Fremantle’s beautiful hotels or find your own premises nearby. There is ample space at the ashram, shared bathrooms and parking on site.