New Yoga Student?

Ever felt lost in a sea of yoga mats during a standard trial yoga class?

We understand.

That's why The Yoga Space is here to offer you an entirely different experience—one that's supportive, personalised, and tailored to your needs. This is the best way to start yoga if you are a beginner, or reinvigorate your yoga practice.

Our knowledgeable yoga instructors will work with you to set your intentions, address any injuries or limitations you may have, and create a solid foundation for your yoga practice. 

Following your private yoga session, you’ll enjoy two weeks of unlimited yoga either online or at our Perth yoga school.

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$89 New Yoga Student Journey


  • 45 min private yoga session with an experienced teacher (valued at $100)
  • 2 weeks unlimited yoga in person and livestream (valued at $86.50)


  • Free yoga philosophy ebook " Beyond the Asana" (valued at $20) 
  • Meditation - 15 minute MBSR stress reduction audio guided meditation (valued at $15-25) 
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Yoga will help you

When is the last time you truly took care of yourself?

Are you yearning for a deeper connection in life?

Are you stressed or anxious?

Here at Yoga Space, we get it. Our teachers are dedicated yogis – but they also have jobs and families.

Our New Yoga Student offer is unique – because it is ok if you can’t make it in to our West Perth home every day! You can find the balance between life, work and family by also trying online yoga with our live stream yoga classes!

Ok I hear you groaning, Yoga on Zoom? Well let us tell you – yoga on Zoom is better than no yoga at all. Because yoga works on dose, that means like medicine or your vitamins, you need to get consistent to reduce stress and feel good in your body.

Come to class in person, get to know your teacher and feel connected to them and our online yoga community when because of life you just can’t get into our West Perth Yoga school.

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Here's the truth about yoga

This is about making it work for you.

Yoga works, we know it does, we are doing the research. When you find harmony between mind and body your physical and mental health improves. You are more resilient, you don’t just cope, you start to thrive.

Anxiety? Yoga helps. Depression? Yoga helps. ADHD? Yoga helps. Stressed, burnt out, have chronic pain?

The research says: Yoga will help you.

Ready to just dive in to classes?

Try all our drop in yoga classes over 14 days on a New Student Yoga Pass. 

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Regulate your nervous system in 3 minutes.
Find calm, recentre.

Compiled by Dr Jean Byrne and Dr Rob Schutze, this audio practice allows you to slow down and become more present, centred and grounded in what is occurring in mind, body and heart.

Yoga Space acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia, their connections to land, sea and community. We acknowledge Elders past, present and pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.