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We combine spirituality and science, so that you can trust us to support you to heal and grow.

Meet Our Founders

Our founders, Jean and Rob, live in the Perth hills with their two sons. Their daily yoga practice helps them live a meaningfully amidst the beautiful chaos that is family life.

Jean Byrne PhD


Jean has been teaching yoga and meditation for 27 years. Having spent years in India studying yoga she integrates ancient wisdom with evidence based research to empower people to find balance and have a deeper encounter with their life. Listen to Jean Talk about Yoga & Anxiety here and her reflections on the contextual factors which impact all of our wellbeing here. 

Jean is a Research Fellow (Curtin University), provisionally registered Psychologist and a pioneer in the realms of yoga for health. She designs clinical trials of yoga and mindfulness for physical and mental wellbeing. Jean was bestowed the honour of an appointment to the Yoga Australia Council of Advisors, for her expertise and ongoing service to the yoga community.

Listen to her and co-founder Rob talk about the Science of Yoga here. View Jean’s research publications here.

Rob Schutze PhD


Rob is a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Research Fellow at Curtin University with a passion for the mind-body connection. His holistic approach integrates psychology and yoga to empower people to take control of their wellbeing. Rob has a unique ability to integrate the wisdom of the east with western science and is an Australian leader in pain, mindfulness and yoga. He has been teaching yoga for 27 years. Rob practices what he preaches, having spent years studying yoga and meditation in India. Meditate with him here.

View his research publications here.

Listen to Rob talk with Jean about Pain on the Peaceful Embodiment Podcast.


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Regulate your nervous system in 3 minutes.
Find calm, recentre.

Compiled by Dr Jean Byrne and Dr Rob Schutze, this audio practice allows you to slow down and become more present, centred and grounded in what is occurring in mind, body and heart.

You are welcome here.

The Yoga Space is deeply committed to creating an uplifting and inclusive space where diversity is celebrated. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for abuse in all its forms. 

Yoga Space acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia, their connections to land, sea and community. We acknowledge Elders past, present and pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.